La Tomatina

Every year on the last Wednesday of August in the town of Buñol, La Tomatina, the world’s largest tomato fight takes place. It is said to have begun when two young men (now in their 70’s) began throwing tomatoes at conservative officials during the town’s fiestas. The fight gained momentum drawing passers by into the battle and has been celebrated annually ever since.

Official “La Tomatina” Posters from 2010, 2008 and 2006

The festivities of La Tomatina begin around 10 am. The bounty of tomatoes are hauled into the center of Buñol via truck from Extremadura, where they are less expensive. The tomato fight begins only when someone manages to climb a 7 meter greased pole near the town center that has a jamón dangling at the top.

Once the ham has been touched, giant trucks of tomatoes are let loose in the street, and the fun begins…

Over 20,000 participants show up from around the world to participate

150,000 tomatoes, weighing over 90,000 pounds, are used in the battle


In homage to the famous tomato battle that coincides with the peak of tomato harvest, Boqueria will offer market-driven tomato dishes and cocktails for the month of August. On the anniversary of the battle, Wednesday, August 25th, enjoy a free “Sparkling Tomatina Sangria” or Red Sangria when you mention this blog.

La Tomatina Cocktail:

   Sparkling Tomatina Sangria
   Cava, Tomato Water, Gin, Cranberry Juice, Sea Salt,
   Crushed White Pepper, Cherry Tomatoes to Garnish

Market Menu:
The following are a few of the dishes that will be featured
on the Market Menu throughout the month of August

   Ensalada de Verano
   Red & Yellow Watermelons, Heirloom Tomatoes,
   Sheep’s Milk Cheese, Radishes, Basil Oil

   Tomates Rellenos
   Tomato stuffed with Peekytoe Crab,
   Aleppo Pepper, Arbequina Olive Oil

   Coca de Tomates
   Flatbread of Heirloom Tomatoes,
   Ricotta, Cantabrian Anchovies, Arrope

   Arroz de Gambas
   Crispy Tomato Rice,
   Grilled Prawns, Garlic, Basil

~ Boqueria

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